onNYTurf 404 Edition
Sunday, October 08, 2006
Incase you were directed here, we now direct you back
I have a temporary server up, but still trying to get all my site data. This blows.

onNYTurf 404 Edition

In the future I hope to have my act together enough that I have a real back up instead of misleading promises.
Friday, October 06, 2006
onNYTurf is Down, Recovery ETA: UNKOWN
Welcome to onNYTurf's emergency blog. This is Day 2 of onNYTurf being dark, and man does it suck!

Not only is the site down, but of course so is the mail server. Which means all mail to will-at-onnyturf.com is getting bounced. I have set up some other ways to be reached while this problem persists.
Emergency Email Address: onNYTurf-at-gmail.com
AOL IM: onNYTurf

The situation is crazy. The information coming from the host's data center is patchy, there seems to be hardware failure in several server racks, but there is no ETA yet for recovery.
This is onNYTurf's temporary location while our site is down

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